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A surprise for all fashion trendsetters who like DOKMAI Rwanda’s leather fashion accessories  but did not want to buy them for ethical reasons and concerns of animal welfare.

Dokmai Rwanda has just  launched a new fashion  product using a vegan, plant based  leather alternative called Pinatex  in collaboration with  UK based  Anana-Anam company. PINATEX is not petroleum based, environmental hazardous  men-made pleather like PU or PCV but a non-woven  textile deriving from pinapple leaves. It is sustainable, pesticide free, PETA approved, water resistant , with a low environmental impact, and leather like characteristics 

PINATEX is available in 9 coulours , which are charcoal, natural, brown, paprika, indigo, canela pebble, gold and silver. Besides the products presented here  most of our existing  leather products can also be manufactured with PINATEX.

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Don't hesitate "Pep up your look" but remain vegan!!!!!

PINATEX Products

  • Pinatex gold
  • Pinatex natural
  • Pinatex white
  • Pinatex black workbag


1.    Clean your product thoroughly and effectively using a cloth soaked in warm soapy water. If your item is heavily soiled, you can rinse with
       lukewarm  water but never fully submerge the product as this may cause irreversible damage.
2.    Let your item dry before any application is made and refrain from using a heat source to dry more quickly, as this could cause damage.
3.    We recommend using a natural colourless wax for your #MadeFromPiñatex products. Apply a small amount to a dry, soft cloth and rub
       sparingly over the textile in a circular motion until fully absorbed. Do not use too much wax as it may not fully absorb.
4.    Leave your item to dry naturally for  24 hours after application.
5.    You can also buff the wax off with a dry cloth or soft brush.